• Commentary on Current Events
  • Old men, driving, directing traffic… Oh Golly!

    The “Last Word” in a recent issue of Metropolis (article available at http://metropolis.co.jp/tokyo/653/lastword.asp)about the number of old men (ojisan in Japanese) that direct people around construction sites in Japan captured my attention. Its true that there are a lot of older people directing the public around (potentially) dangerous places where construction is taking place. However, […]

  • Day-to-Day
  • Jindai Botanical Garden

    For the first time this summer, I went out to a botanical garden with a friend. This one in particular is 20 minute bike ride (or train for 10 minutes + bus for 15 minutes) from my house. It fairly large, but the timing was not so good. In the end of Septemeber, it seemsed […]