First day at a different company.

As I have am scheduled to work this week at a different company. My first day was quite a new experience. Everything seemed so much more traditionally Japanese. There were men of all ages trying to climb the corporate ladder, but virtuall all the women were in their 20s and most them in the lower portion. Traditionally, women were expected to work for a little while, find a husband, and become a housewife. That tradition still seems to be very much alive in this company.

Walking into the office area of any floor and it just looked like a sea of (off green/off blue) coloured cubicle dividers and people. Definitly one of those stereotypical office envirnments. It has definitly made me appreciate the way my current office looks. Though it might not be the best, the reds and wood tones definitly help the atmosphere.

I look forward to experiencing more of the life inside a real Japanese company in the coming days.

34th floor party

I headed out to a party that the guy I will be worked next week with invited me out to. It was on the 34 floor lobby of an apartment builing in Kinshi-cho, not too far from Tokyo Station. The view was amazing and I could see the fireworks from disneyland at about 8:30. It was also quite an experience walking into a party and knowing just about nobody there. I had only met the guy who invited me for the first time a few hours before in a meeting that morning.

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Bicycle Accident… Not too bad

I had my first bicycle accident in about 30 000km riding the bicycle and it was really a stupid one. I was preoccupied by something else at the time and crashed into the rear wheel of another bicycle (since it was the rear, he didn’t fall down at all). My mom always said its best not to drive while something else (emotional) is going on. Boy was she right! I have just a couple cuts and bruises so I am okay, but the front wheel of the bike was destroyed, I couldn’t even roll the bike. I wound up taking the train back home, and then back into town again. Mother does know best, I should have taken the train in the first place.

3 Years in Japan!

Well, I have been living in Japan for exactly 3 years now. It has definitly been quite a roller coaster of events that have happened over the years. I feel a large amount of gratitude to those who helped early on. Be it those who were (and still are) my friends, or those who helped me out at the station not knowing which train to get on. Those random acts of kindness from strangers really make one think.

But now the way of thinking is different. I no longer feel like a traveller. Japan is my home.

I look forward to more happy times in Japan.

A Big New Learning Experience

I found out yesterday that I am to be working at another company for a week later this month to do some installation of a technology called HBX which I will start looking into next week. This HBX stuff was actually something that I used on my own homepage starting back in 1996. It has probably changed since then though
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