Plan for 30 day cycling trip

As I wrote in a previous entry. I will be getting 30 days off starting in April next year.

I have decided the path that i am going to take for the trip.

I will either start in Osaka or take the night train directly to Shikoku and I will ride around Shikoku, then take the ferry to Kyushu, then back onto honshu (the main island) and ride along the Sea of Japan coast until time runs out.

I will buy the maps this week and try and figure out the key points that I want to cover while I am travelling.

Merry Christmas!

Just wanted to wish all a merry Christmas. This year’s was pretty pretty uneventful especially as I do have to work on Christmas (as is the norm here in Japan, no special holidays). I spent Christmas even with a friend and opening my Christmas present (thanks Masa!). Christmas dinner was really good too (thanks Hiroshi!).

I hope everybody has a happy holiday.

Finally, an anouncement on the bonus

Well, a letter about the company bonus was finally delivered today. Amost 3 months late. But I guess its better than no annoucement (which is what happened last may). The complete lack of any sort of apologetic tone in the letter is kind of getting to me a bit.
Though there were raises, they are to start 4 months later than normal, which means that everybody loses the difference for those 4 months.

With everybody staying so late it was a real surprise to hear that the company is actually losing money. It really kind of makes me want some financial transparency. But there is pretty much no chance of that happening. Better prosepects for the coming year (which is already half over, since it starts and ends in May) were promised though. Not really sure how to interpret that.

1 month vacation

I have officially taken a 30-day vacation starting in the end of may.

This covers the Japanese Golden Week and then 3 more weeks.

This should give me the opportunity to have a good cycling vacation. I am starting to think about where I should go. Right now I man leaning towards a tour of Western Japan covering the Shikoku and Kyushu islands as well as the San-in coast of the Sea of Japan and then just as far as time permits along the Sea of Japan coast and then just taking the train back when time runs out.

Going somewhere else in Asia might be cool too!