First Try with Google Adwords

For the first time, I am currently having the opportunity to play around with Google’s Adwords as part of a site that I am currently working on. The tools are definitly very powerful but it looks like they are very hard to overcome for the person who isn’t very familiar with computers or marketing in general.

I am enjoying the chance to play around with the diffent ad groups to see how they generate revenue. For example, comparing one very general keyword, versus creating a whole bunch of more specific keywords. It really is a learning process.

Recently, I have been learing about a whole variety of different technologies (may of which I will put here) and have been throughly enjoying looking and playing around with them.


I went to see a client today along with the companies President amongst others. It was the longest meeting I think I have ever been a part of.

Near the end of the meeting, it came down to the always delicate issue of money for a couple of development items and one for the non-performace of a certain system (marketing). It was very interesting to watch my President negotiate the billing issues. In particular, the one where the client wasn’t happy. The way he hanlded it was really awsome to watch and it was cool to see just how well he could speak. The client seemed to respect and understand everything that was said even though they were not particularly happy. The difference in style compared to what I have seen from other higher-ups in the company, including one who was present at that meeting and negotiating on the same point was quite fantastic. I look forward to the next opportunity where I can watch President negotiate so I can watch and learn.

Tiresome day.

For the first time ever, I was out of the house by 4:20AM, even for cycling, I have never been out of the house that early. I took a taxi down to the office where I had a meeting at 5AM. It was so early because it was set up during lunch EST (New York time). I have been at the office at 5AM before because the night train back from Osaka arrives at 4:30

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First Sunrise of the year.

I went out to see the first sunrise of the year on Jan 1st. It was quite a specular view because the air was very clear and the sun was pretty much perfectly visible right from as it appeared on the horizon. I also went last year, but it was cloudy and didn’t really get to see anything.

It was also the first time that I got to see Mt. Fuji so clearly.

2006 Cycling Totals

kilometers ridden in 2006.

Main bike (Trek 1000) : about 8000km

Other bikes (city bike, borrowed bikes) : about 1000km

Its a bit lower than in previous years (usually over 10000km for the Trek alone) because after moving to Tokyo, I really didn’t do much cycling from Oct 2005. to Mar. 2006. I plant to turn that around this year!