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  • Negotiations

    I went to see a client today along with the companies President amongst others. It was the longest meeting I think I have ever been a part of. Near the end of the meeting, it came down to the always delicate issue of money for a couple of development items and one for the non-performace […]

  • Day-to-Day
  • Tiresome day.

    For the first time ever, I was out of the house by 4:20AM, even for cycling, I have never been out of the house that early. I took a taxi down to the office where I had a meeting at 5AM. It was so early because it was set up during lunch EST (New York […]

  • Cycling
  • 2006 Cycling Totals

    kilometers ridden in 2006. Main bike (Trek 1000) : about 8000km Other bikes (city bike, borrowed bikes) : about 1000km Its a bit lower than in previous years (usually over 10000km for the Trek alone) because after moving to Tokyo, I really didn’t do much cycling from Oct 2005. to Mar. 2006. I plant to […]