Decision made… No bicycle in stock

I was out at the bike shop on the weekend and I finally decided on a Louis Garneau bike that had the racks (but not the bags like Giant Great Journey that I had looked at earlier). However when the salesman checked with the factory/warehouse it turned out that they would not be able to get the bikes into the store until the end of April, which would be quite a bit too late for the trip.

I was a bit disappointed.

But the Giant still looks good and they had one in another store and they would bring it over in the next week so I could try it out.

If looks good I will probably buy it next week.

Great Journey by Giant

It looks like it might only be sold in Japan and possibly a few other countries but the Great Journey 2 from Giant looks like a great bike for touring and the price is right at about 900$CAN (800$US) and includes the bike, front and back racks, and 4 bags. Thanks Kenny for mentioning it in the comment of the last post
The only thing that I am concerned about is the fact that it appears to have front suspension, which does not seem ideal on a touring bike because it is just one more thing that can possibly break.

Giant Great Journey 2 – Anybody ever used it? How is/was it?

It seems like all the information I could find was in Japanese. So the link above goes to the Japanese site.

Route Planning

As I plan to go around Western Japan for a month. I have been thinking of a route.

I don’t know the name of all the places in English (but I recognize the chacters)

I will start in Shikoku in Takamatsu and ride a loop around and go via Hiroshima then onto Kyushu where I will go South in the middle and the North on the west coast.

I plan to climb every major mountain (6) and visit every major waterfall (about 10).

When I get a map made up, I will post it.

Bicycle for touring

I will have to buy a new bicycle for my one month tour coming up in a month and a half. I will have to buy a new bicycle.

Currently the brands that are looking good are Giant and Marin. Many people have said good things about both brands.

I am hoping that I can get a bicycle and and the gear (racks, bags etc…) for less than 1000$CAN (100 000yen). It seems pretty reasonable, especially since Okuchi whom I met yesterday managed to get his stuff for 90 000yen.

I will try and check out some bike shops this and next week.

Good luck Okuchi!

I met my friend who is just starting to embark on his trip around Japan and then followed by a trip around the world for 5 years.

It made me start thinking about my trip around Western Japan in May. His 5 year trip makes my 1 month trip seem so short. I also had better get going on buying a bicycle and will try to do so in the near future.
I wish Okuchi all the best of luck with his trip around Japan and I hope to see you again before you leave for around the world!