Great Journey by Giant

It looks like it might only be sold in Japan and possibly a few other countries but the Great Journey 2 from Giant looks like a great bike for touring and the price is right at about 900$CAN (800$US) and includes the bike, front and back racks, and 4 bags. Thanks Kenny for mentioning it in the comment of the last post
The only thing that I am concerned about is the fact that it appears to have front suspension, which does not seem ideal on a touring bike because it is just one more thing that can possibly break.

Giant Great Journey 2 – Anybody ever used it? How is/was it?

It seems like all the information I could find was in Japanese. So the link above goes to the Japanese site.

2 thoughts on “Great Journey by Giant”

  1. Not at all.

    Did my suggestion help you a little?

    I like your plan.

    Anyway,I also think that it'll be much better to get your own stuffs.

    Enjoy yourself.

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