Practice touring result

After buying the bicycle, I decided it would be best to try and do a short tour to practice. So I took a day of a work and went touring near Tokyo for 3 days. The second day was filled with view of Mt. Fuji. The sky was clear so I could see the peak all day, even from the other side of a small mountain range it was still visible over the peaks. I learned a lot about the bike and touring in general. There are a few extra items, especially a large light for the front of the bike so that I can travel at night. Aditionally, a large flashlight would have been very useful. I also discovered that I need to get better at cooking outdoors. The cost of food was a bit higher than I had expected, so hopefully with some outdoor cooking experience, I can bring that cost down.
Additionally, when I got home, it appeared that one of the straps that keeps the back against the racks of the bags broke. This does not make the bag unusable, but it does seem rather quick for something like that to break so I will probably go back to the store early this week.

Days: 3
Nights: 2
Lodging Costs: 0yen
Food Costs: 4000yen
Distance Traveled: 348.5km

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