Day 3 : Anan – Todoroki Falls – Toyo

Travel Day : April 30th, 2007
Distance Travelled : 140km

Waking up in the morning, I knew that I had a lot of climbing ahead of me. The peak of the road would be over 1000m over sea level which is quite a feat with a heavy bicycle. However I had expected that it would be a gradually slow up since it was next to a river, but it turned out to be a two-steps-up-one-step-down kind of experience and it was throughally exhausting.

Before I left, though, I watched the sun rise. It was very beautiful.

The scenery was really nice the entire way. I really like the narrow valley with a river at the bottom. The colour of the water was beautiful as well.

I passed over the top a little after noon.

The main checkpoint for the day was Todoroki Falls and visiting these falls was the reason for travellng through the mountains. I probably could have travelled the shoreline route from Anan to Toyo in just a couple of hours instead of the full exhausting day over the mountains.

When I eventually arrived at the camp site I found out that it was over 1000yen and additionally it looked like it was about to rain so I though that somewhere that provided some shelter would be better. Luckily, just down the shore from the camp site, there was a tsunami shelter (in the case of a tsunami, you go up top) so I camped underneath it. There was another guy there who was doing the 88-temple walk on foot for aobut the same length of time as my bicycle tour.

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