Day 5 : Koichi -> Shimanto River

Original Date : May 2nd, 2007
Distance Travelled : 140km

Starting at the camp site near Koichi City, I was forced to double back a few kilometers before heading south. The main goal of the day was to ride over the mountains and into the Shimanto River valley.

Throughout the first half of the day, there was the threat of rain, though it never actually did. The climb over the mountains and into the Shimanto River valley was quite a bit harder than I was expecting and took most of the day to cover.

On of the key points along the route was the rice-paddy terraces that were near the peak of the mountain. There are referred to as sen-mai-da which means “thousand sheet field”

However, along the way there was another unnamed patty terrace that looked equally beautiful.

After a long, long descent of about 50km. I reached the campsite along the Shimanto River which was close to a pretty little town tucked into the junction of two rivers. From there I enjoyed a lovely sunset.

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