University of London graduate program

As I continue to look for a distance learning graduate program, I have recently become more and more interested in what The University of London has ot offer. They have an entire department entitled The Centre for Development, Environment and Policy and the programs look pretty good. Pretty much all the programs look quite interesting. However I think the one that I would be most interested in would be the Sustainable Development. Even just looking at the module titles themselves, I want to start looking into the topics.

Coworker starts Graduate studies.

As I am doing research on doing a graduate degree (or equivalent) one of my coworkers, Bastian Gerhard has sucessfully enrolled in a distance learning masters in a computer science program at the University of Liverpool (England). Congratulations to Bastian for getting into the program.

As a result of that, I looked at the University of Liverpool website, but it did not seem to have any programs that I was interested in taking. Though many of them did seem quite interesting, especially information security. However, I am not really interested in taking a MSc in a computer related field at the moment.