Essay for Graduation Application. Help Please.

In order to apply for the University of London Masters program there is one point that has me a bit stuck. I have to write an essay outlining my reasons for studying as per the specifications below.

A letter (no more than 500 words) outlining your reasons for wanting to study on the DLP together with relevant details of your previous education and work experience, and your current occupational responsibilities.

The part that has me a little bit worried is that I have to write about the connection between Computer Engineering / Internet / Web development and Sustainable Development.

Any ideas are much appreciated.

Do we really need bottled water?

The market for bottled watter grows every year and in the US it currently stands at 15B $US and set to pass 16B$ next year.

In the last few months, the bottled water industry has been taking a fair beating in the media. Quite rightfully so in my mind. Bottled water seems like a very large waste of energy in our already energy-strapped economy. Articles like this this point out how environmentally all that bottled water is. In fact the water has to be trucked around to get to its destination, rather than flowing through pipes for city water which is much much more efficient. Brita and Nagene even teamed up to try and get people to use Brita products to clean water and reuseable Nalgene bottles to drink from with the website. This Nalege-Brita team seems like an especially good idea to me. Once can still get good clean water without producing the mountains of plastic bottle waste.

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