Reaction by Japanese news to near 100$ a barrel oil

This morning I was watching the news program of a major news progam and at exactly 7:30AM a giant headline appeared on the screen saying that a barrel of oil had closed at over $97US in New York at the end of the previous day of trading.

This is indeed quite significant news.

However, immediatly following this shocking headline there was 5 minute segment indicating the influence of such an increase in the price of oil. The new program deemed that the best way to focus the 5 minute segment was on how the price of preparing food at elementary schools has increased. Yes, that’s right, this news program decided that the aspect of expensive oil mosty worthy reporting is elementry school lunches. The 5 minute segment was filled with an explanation of why it was costing more (like transportation) and what schools were doing to cope with the increased costs as well as a good dose of parents whining about the few extra pennies (yen, really…) that they will have to pay for their elementary school attending children’s lunches (which presently stands at 230yen according to the program, about $2US.

I find it just laughable that this is what the news station feels is most worthy of reporting. But I guess what can I really expect, is there really any upside for the television station if the news network reports on what might actually happen in the event of extreme oil prices and an energy crunch.

Japan starts fingerprinting foreigners.

As I wrote in a Previous article Japan was scheduled to start fingerprinting all foreigners that enter Japan include those with permenant residence and excluding those that fit into special categories such as 3rd generation Korean born or people on diplomatic visa and they did just so.
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Nova officially taken over

It was announced today that preparatory school operator has taken over the Nova English school chain which filed for bankruptcy protection earlier this month. Hopefully this will enable some of the staff (particularly the foreign workers) to stay in Japan despite not being paid since the end of September.

Since so many students prepaid for lessons, I really wonder how the finances of such a sitation could work. Nova must owe thousands, if not hundreds of thousands, of lessons to students who have already paid.

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