Day 2 (morning) in Vietnam – Train to Sapa

The night train to Sapa was remarkebly good, though I had set pretty low expectations. Its was quite comfortable and the train did not rock to much along the way. The train probably only averaged about 30 to 40 kph though. I managed to get a reasonable amount of sleep.
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Day 1 in Vietnam – Hanoi

Woken up early by loud horns from the street right in from the hotel. (Citygate hotel). Blaring vehicule horns seem to be the trademark of this city (or perhaps all of Vietnam, only time will tell). After getting all my stuff onto the bike I tried riding around the city careful to remember where I had come from so that I could find my way back in a pinch.

The cool thing about the traffic being so slow is that I can keep up easily on the bike and its really nice that all the vehicules are the same size as me (mopeds). One used to the way traffic works its pretty easy to work with. I spend a good chunch of the day just riding the back streets Near the lake in the old quarter of Hanoi.

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Day 0 in Vietnam – Arrival in Vietnam

Getting to Narita was a tought job, lugging baggage though all the different stations. Also, I remembered how much I hate Narita. Especially from the train its very confusing about where to go especially with a trolly.

Uneventful flights arrived in Incheon and Vietnam uneventfully. What really surprised me in Incheon was the number of different currencies that were accepted at all the shops. I was able to use Japanese Yen at the shops in the airport in Korea!

I was picked up by the taxi of the hotel and made it back to the hotel arriving at about 23h30. At which point I put together the bike which took about and hour and a half and finally made it to bed just before two. Thankfully the bike made it here without any problems at all