Bowing experience

After living this long in Japan, it isn’t everyday that I think “wow this is Japan” but it happened today.

I timed going to the gym this morning so that I would finish right as the department store across the street would open so that I could nip in and get some groceries from the supermarket in the basement. In order to get to the Isetan (company name of the department store) grocery store I walked through the premium food area (includes everything from premade food to chocolates and cookies and the like) and every attendant was standing in front of their stand and bowed at the precise moment that I walked bay. It felt like a wave of bowing as I walked by, there must have been a total of thirty people. Rather than going to see things I think this is a must-experience for a visitor to Japan.

2 thoughts on “Bowing experience”

  1. Allo Brendan,

    First a brief intro. It's my first visit to your homepage.I came across it as I search for cycling routes in and around Saitama, and Tokyo. I am a Canadien (CH= center hice Eh!)who's trying to get back into biking as I did back home.

    Now about the bowing experience in Japan. I couldn't agree with you more. I've experienced it twice. I was itching to take out my cellphone to shoot it. It's pretty cool. A definite must for any westerner who comes for a visit.

  2. Dear Jean,

    Thanks for the comment. A friend of mine came to Japan late last year and I took him around to the Isetan near my house to see the bowing. He really enjoyed it too.

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