Bicycle Odometer : 50000km

On a recent bike ride, my bicycle clicked over the 50 000km mark. The precise turnover point was behind Miyagase Lake in Kanagawa Japan.

Its been a long time since I bought the Trek 1000 back in 2002 and only for 1000$ at the time. The trek has gone a long way with me up and down mountains and across country. Most of the parts now are not original anymore (only original parts are rear brake, gear levers, front derailleur , handlebars, fork and seatpost). Everything else has been swapped out, some many times (e.g. 3rd rear derailleur). Even after all this punishment, the bike is still going strong and serves me well, but after 8 years, it just might be time for a new ride.

I know I sound like I am going to get rid of it, but that is far from the case.

Thank you for the past 50 000 and looking forward to another 50 000!



Top: Just before the roll over
Bottom : Just Afterward.

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