To Kamakura

Odometer: 51929km
Today’s distance:112,3km
Average speed: 25,7kph
max speed: 65kph
rolling time: 4.22.59

Today headed out at 7AM for a ride over Yabitsu to end in Kamakura. Ride up Yabitsu was quite nice, but I had forgotten how the surface was in parts. I think it was something near my best time as well (even though I wasn’t even trying that hard at 55’10” from Miyagase Lake intersection.

It was also my first time to descend into Hadano. Lots of cyclists (must have seen at least 50 on the way down) and looked like a really nice climb with good road surfaces. I will have to give that a shot in the near future (and figure out how to get to the Hadano side without riding on Route 246, which is a pretty awful road)

Followed that with Route 1 and Route 134 (Route 134 isn’t a whole lot of fun until you actually start to see beach) Route 1 was surprisingly no problem at all as I had expected heavy traffic (being Route 1 and all)

After getting to Kamakura had some eats and went around looking at Hydrangea and of course the big Buddah. Took the train back.