ShineOn 2010 Norikura

ShineOn Norikura 2010 #10, originally uploaded by brendan.paull.

Went to Norikura over the weekend as part of a charity ride for the Tyler Foundation.

This is my favourite shot coming down the backside into Gifu. I was amazed at the quality of photo than wound up coming out of my mobile phone’s camera

To Hakone

Odometer: 52362km
Today’s distance:122,7km
Average speed: 24,5kph
max speed: 64kph
rolling time: 5.01.21

Despite the poor and unpredictable weather, I headed down to Hakone over the weekend. With the aim of arriving in Hakone by 12h00, I left the house at 6h15. Instead of going directly to Hakone, I decided to via Lake Yamanaka in pursuit of better roads. I know the road to Lake Yamanaka can be quite nice but I had never ridden from Lake Yamanaka to Hakone before. I expected that the day would include a lot of climbing.

The ride out to Yamanaka Lake was good as expected. The route passes through Doushi, which is pretty much a town that just has a single road running its length for about 25km. Along the way there were many great views of the river below.

From Lake Yamanaka, I followed Route 138. Initially it was a bit of the climb up from the lake, but after that short climb, there was a lovely 7km decent at about a 5% decline. I arrived at the bottom using the brakes only once or twice. At the bottom though, I had to merge with the highway bypass of Route 138 which had significantly more traffic than the almost empty mountain road I had just desended. The only good thing was that there was a suffiicently large amount of traffic that I was able to ride down at the same pace as the traffic and didn’t have to worry about being overtaken. For most of the descent I spent my time behind a car carrier.

After passing through Gotenba, the road started climbing again, the climb was a lot longer than I had expect and was several kilometers long. It was a good thing that I had brought along some additional snacks. From the top, it was another long decent down to Route 1 and then another descent down Route 1 into Hakone.

Once in Hakone, I went to Tenzan for a relax in a hot spring. With several different outdoor baths it was really quite nice. Following that I enjoyed a nice Shabu-shabu lunch at the same.

The ride back involved getting on the (white) romanceCar which I had reserved the day before, I managed to get the third row from the back of the train which had a great view.