2010 Tokyo Bay Fireworks

2010 Tokyo Bay Fireworks, originally uploaded by brendan.paull.

Went to the the 2010 Tokyo bay fireworks on the怀weekend. The fireworks themselves were pretty good. I went to Takeshiba to see them but it was really hard getting anywhere to sit. For some unknown reason the space people were allowed to sit was extremely limited. We eventually got a place to sit as some other guys picked up two girls as we were walking by; we took their place as they left. Near the end of the fireworks, I spotted some early leavers (people leave early, or at least relocate to the exit gate before the fireworks are over to make a quicker getaway) and managed to secure some space with a much better view.

This is not a particularly fantastic shot, but I like it because it has the city in the background as well.

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