Big Buddah in Chiba

Over new years I went to see the famous big buddah which is carved into the side of Mt. Nokogiri (see photo below). It was a beautiful day if not a bit windy. It was certainly warmed over in Chiba versus in Tokyo. The photo doesn’t really do it justice as the status really is huge.

Big Buddah

Nakagawa and me

I got out wearing my full set of Nakagawa and bike for the first time. This photo is taken in a shrine I found along the way which had lots of cherry blossoms.


Shine with Plum blossoms and handsome me!

Shine Find

On the way to Ome the other day while riding along Rte 29 in Tokyo passing through Akishima City I spotted this shrine from the road. I turned around and went back in. There were tons of blum blossoms in full bloom with the shrine (photo below).

Shine with Plum blossoms

Plum blossoms in Ome

Just about every year I try to make it out to Ome to see some of the plum blossoms. The area is nice because there is a large park with plum blossoms but also a lot of agricultural plum trees in the area.  A lot of people have plum blossoms in their gardens and the plum trees on agricultural lands are close together so it looks like a sea of flowers (see lower picture).

This is a photo of the park itself

Ome Plum Blossoms

And some agricultural plum trees
Ome Plum Blossoms

Cycling in Ome

Went out cycling on the bike on Sunday to see cherry blossoms (photos to come) but I did get a photo of myself with the new (pink bike!)

Me and Bike