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  • Big Buddah in Chiba

    Over new years I went to see the famous big buddah which is carved into the side of Mt. Nokogiri (see photo below). It was a beautiful day if not a bit windy. It was certainly warmed over in Chiba versus in Tokyo. The photo doesn’t really do it justice as the status really is […]

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  • Nakagawa and me

    I got out wearing my full set of Nakagawa and bike for the first time. This photo is taken in a shrine I found along the way which had lots of cherry blossoms.   [ lowest pill price viagra | what color is viagra | cialis cost | viagra for women | soft cialis | […]

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  • Shine Find

    On the way to Ome the other day while riding along Rte 29 in Tokyo passing through Akishima City I spotted this shrine from the road. I turned around and went back in. There were tons of blum blossoms in full bloom with the shrine (photo below).   [ viagra uk | chinese herbal viagra […]

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  • Plum blossoms in Ome

    Just about every year I try to make it out to Ome to see some of the plum blossoms. The area is nice because there is a large park with plum blossoms but also a lot of agricultural plum trees in the area.  A lot of people have plum blossoms in their gardens and the […]