“Children of the Corn Syrup” lecture by Dr. Stephen W. Ponder

The “children of the Corn Syrup” is a lecture given by Dr. Stephen Ponder and includes slides of the obesity and its current impact on children and also some physiological reasons for what is occurring. Definitely worth a watch.

Yet another, Nuclear Protest — Sigh

There is yet another protest tonight in Tokyo to try and stop the Oii Nuclear reactor from being restarted.

I REALLY with these people would think about the consequences of their actions. More fossil fuels being burned and more greenhouse gasses.

Not a single person has died as a direct result of nuclear exposure since Chernobyl. Yet these protesters keep saying its dangerous. Perhaps they don’t know of the Kingston Fossil Plant coal fly ash slurry spill which contaminated huge amounts of land and water. Or do they think of the extra crime (and possible resulting dealth) from the jobs lost in the economy due to lack of electricity and rolling blackouts? NO They don’t.

If they had a proper plan moving forward to stop using Nuclear over 20 years and replace with renewable, I would be very open but all they and think is “stop nuclear now”, no matter what the consequences.