South Chiba (Minami-Boso) Cycling

With the weather getting colder in Tokyo I drove out to the other side of the bay (Chiba prefecture) and rode the half-sea-half-mountain ride that I started tinkering with last year. The weather forecast called for a high of 12 and it certainly felt that we when I set out at 9AM however as I passed around onto the bottom of the peninsula I got a head wind which is rare as the prevailing winds are Westerly. Along the way I did get a rather nice shot of the bicycle with some sky so I thought I would share that.

Cycling by the sea!

The first portion of the mountain half was exploratory and I would up finding a few nice riding roads with few cars which was nice but the temperate did get quite cold with the last 30 or so kilometers being at about 4C

Though I did make a couple changes along the way the course was as below:


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