In collecting my shuin templte stamps (御朱印帳). I went to a large temple complext just a few stations down the road called Takahata-fudo (高幡不動). The large complex has a large forested area in the back that has 88 small stone statues, known as go-jisho-san (ご地蔵さん) in Japanese. This is the same number as the 88 temple tour through the Shikoku Island.

旅じゃないけど、一枚増えましたMy Shuin Book 2015-05-24 13.43.46

Roses in Yoyogi Park

The weather in mid-May tends to be ideal for bicycle commuting in Tokyo. Daytime temperatures are in the mid-20s and it is not too cold in the early morning. I left the house at about 6h30 and rode the hour and 10 minutes into work. Along the way I passed through Yoyogi park and was pleasantly surprised by the blooming roses. I topping and took a quick photo and continued on my way.

Roses on the way to wirk