Chiba Cycling

Distance: 107.8km
Total Elevation Change: 1,232m
Time: 4:28:16
Average Speed: 24.1kph

Chiba offers a refreshing change from Tokyo especially in the winter where it is a few degrees warmer. I usually drive to the rest stop in Minami-boso where I can park the car for free and start riding from there.


The Kawatsu Sakura around Sakuma Dam (佐久間ダム)looked as though they were in full bloom so instead of by usual counterclockwise route through Tateyama and Minami-Boso, I went clockwise so that I could go through the dam first. The cherry blossoms around the dam were as nice as advertised though it was quite a steep hill getting out.


My usual course is ocean side then mountains which lets me enjoy a rather leisurely ride alxng the coast before heading into the mountains where I am fairly tired. This course, however, leaves me tired after the mountains and consequently makes it difficult to enjoy the coastal road so I suspect I will revert to the seaside-mountain order from next time.


2016-02-28 10.07.402016-02-28 16.03.20

2016-02-28 14.35.36

South Chiba (Minami-Boso) Cycling

With the weather getting colder in Tokyo I drove out to the other side of the bay (Chiba prefecture) and rode the half-sea-half-mountain ride that I started tinkering with last year. The weather forecast called for a high of 12 and it certainly felt that we when I set out at 9AM however as I passed around onto the bottom of the peninsula I got a head wind which is rare as the prevailing winds are Westerly. Along the way I did get a rather nice shot of the bicycle with some sky so I thought I would share that.

Cycling by the sea!

The first portion of the mountain half was exploratory and I would up finding a few nice riding roads with few cars which was nice but the temperate did get quite cold with the last 30 or so kilometers being at about 4C

Though I did make a couple changes along the way the course was as below:


Garmin’s customer service: excellent

After running webupdate on my Garmin Edge 800 the device largely ceased to respond properly.

I contacted Garmin customer support and got a relatively quick response. After suggesting a few possible ways to fix the device, the service staff recommended that I ship the device to them for repair.

Garmin’s repair policy is that if there is no evidence of abuse to the device they will repair it for free but the customer is responsible for the round trip shipping costs. In my case they changed me about 3 100 yen for the DHL shipping back to Japan.

I got the device back and it worked perfectly.

For those considering buying a GPS based device, Garmin’s customer service was very helpful and responsive.