Jindai Botanical Garden

For the first time this summer, I went out to a botanical garden with a friend. This one in particular is 20 minute bike ride (or train for 10 minutes + bus for 15 minutes) from my house. It fairly large, but the timing was not so good. In the end of Septemeber, it seemsed as if only the roses were blooming and they were quite beautiful. There appeared to be a rose “festival” happing in the coming weeks so I might try and get back for that.
After the garden, we walked though a fairly large temple which is located next to the botanical garden. Then back to an area of Tokyo called “Kichijoji” which has a lot of small shops and is great for walking around.

Japanese Blog is up

I will be setting up a Japanese blog as well to attach to the homepage. But unfortuneatly the “multilingual” version of this same software has bugs in it. Not earth-shattering bugs, but take away from the “polished”-ness of the whole site.I guess that I hope these will be fixed in a future version. For the time being I’ll just use it though. I’ll try and configure it in the next couple days. http://www.brendanpaull.com/blogjp/